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So there we were… In a colourful debate trying to decide “what is the ACTUAL greatest berry on earth”. After all, was said and done, we’re proud to inform you that Saskatoon berries were the clear winner! Think about the nostalgia of being a kid picking berries and ending the day with purple hands. Think about your gramma’s Saskatoon berry pie. Think about the pride of the greatest berry on earth coming from the Canadian prairies. Well, it didn’t take long for us to realize we had a new beer on our hands.


Using our own wild captured Alberta yeast strain and fresh-picked berries from the Saskatoon Farm in Okotoks and then SOURING it to create a tart, Saskatoonberry Alberta explosion in a can! We give you #PrairieBerry!


The beer itself is fruity yet not overly sweet with a tart puckery Saskatoon berry explosion that’ll bring you right back to your childhood putting one berry in the bucket for every three in your mouth!