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Hazy IPA

After you’re done at the Night Gallery, Tokyo Drifting in the parking lot, you’re late to the party! You have an irresistible compulsion, or a Force Majeure you might say, to pick up a Hazy IPA on your way but there’s a Super Saturated selection to choose from. You’ve got a Micro Burst of time to Sky Rocket to the party and sneak in like a Trash Panda. That’s when you take a Long Hop and pick up a pack of Tool Shed’s Late To The Party Hazy IPA!! Cheers to embracing lateness and to all the epic Hazy IPAs that beat us to the party!


Late to the Party Hazy IPA features a Tropical hop aroma from Citra, Nectaron, and El Dorado hops and has a light ‘grainy’ malt prole that lets the hops shine. This smooth, pillowy Hazy IPA has mild sweetness that makes for an incredibly easy to drink beer!

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