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Every Friday, we are tapping a new brew just for you! These beers are exclusive to the taproom and once they are gone, they're gone! Make sure you follow us on social media to be updated on what the small batch will be!

THIS WEEK'S BREW: Peel Party - 5.3%

This witbier is like a quirky brewer's tale in a glass. Picture a hazy golden elixir with a head as fluffy as the brewer's frustration when the orange peel decided to play havoc with the pump. But fear not, it's not just any witbier; it's a symphony of citrus chaos! The orange peel and lemon zest perform a tangy tango on your taste buds, while the coriander adds a spicy twist, mirroring the unexpected turns of that marathon brew day. Despite the hurdles, every sip is a reminder that even in the face of pump-clogging adversity, laughter and a cold brew can and will save the day!


LAST WEEK'S BREW: Long White Cloud New Zealand IPA - 7%

Once upon a time, a sheep named Baa-rley discovered a hidden stash of Long White Cloud New Zealand IPA in the farmer's barn. After a few sips, he started knitting sweaters at lightning speed and organizing nightly "baa-r crawls" across the pasture. Now, the sheep swear they can taste the hops in the air, and the farmer can't figure out why his wool production has tripled! The beer offers flavours of pineapple, passion fruit, and grapefruit, with a hint of pine aroma.

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