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473mL-2020-Flat Cap-bkg.jpg

FLAT CAP | 5.2%


Every once in awhile a LEGEND comes around and revolutionizes an industry. For craft beer canning that legend is Jamie Gordon! A home-brew shop owner who back in 1999 handbuilt a small manual canner for home brewers. The rest, as they say, is history! Jamie spent 16 years tirelessly devoted to traveling the globe to install, educate, and help every single craft brewery possible benefit from canning their craft beer. Tool Shed is one of those breweries and is honored to have called Jamie our friend! We love that Jamie taught his boys “Stop stealing my beer and learn how to brew it!!” so this stout is for Jamie!

In order to mirror that classy, GQ, flat cap wearin’ style of Jamie, this stout is deeply roasted and rich with a surprising presence of hops and a beautiful, smooth, dry finish. If ever a stout were to rock a flat cap as Jamie did, this would be that beer!

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