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Back in the day when we were just a couple of homebrewers dreaming of one day becoming a REAL brewery, we met Marcus Brais. He was the GM at one of our FAVOURITE watering holes, but more importantly, he was the absolute embodiment of Alberta Craft Beer. He welcomed all in a way that genuinely made you feel like family! He worked all across the province tirelessly promoting craft beer and he just so happens to be the very first person to ever pour a pint of Tool Shed beer for a thirsty customer. This beer is dedicated to those Alberta craft beer evangelists.


We’ve taken the greatest old-world Belgian yeast from one of our favourite Trappist monasteries and paired it with Mosaic and Simcoe, the two greatest hops of the new world North West region of Yakima, creating something incredible. The aroma explodes with such an amazing blend of tropical fruits so we expect to see A LOT of noses dipped into the frothy head, and that’s OK because “it’s how we drink it in Belgium”! 

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