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The collaborative brainstorming of new beer ideas and the names for those beers is one of the greatest joys of craft beer. ESPECIALLY when you’re brainstorming at Willow Park Wines and Spirits with planet earth’s greatest, most knowledgeable, fun-loving beer personality, Dave Gingrich! When asked “what kind of sherry cask should we age this awesome pale ale project in?”, our pal Dave The Beer Guy ushered us over to some beautiful bottles of Pedro Ximenez sherry wines and declared “I VOTE FOR PEDRO” aaaaaaaand BOOM! A Beer is born!!


Blending  floral and citrusy tangerine notes of Mandarina and Amarillo hops together with sherry casked medium toast American oak barrels, this beer is as unique as Dave! Part genius and all fun, complex yet balanced, and pleasing to beer geeks AND newbies alike! One sip and we think you’ll agree that these descriptions apply just as much to the beer as to our boy Dave!

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