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Papa Bam Bam

Oatmeal pale ale

If you could thank anyone for the amazing recent explosion of craft breweries opening in our province, who would it be? We'd chose Neil Bamford who, along with his amazing partner Tom Corbett, run The Vineyard home-brew shop. Neil is fuelling a revolution of turning home-brewers into pro-brewers, resulting in many of the professional breweries Alberta now enjoys. He is the passion and knowledge (if Neil wore all his brewing medals at once, he'd have more gold than Mr. T) that nurtures the initial spark in the eyes of home-brewers as they walk through his doors for the first time. This one is for Neil!

The beer is a sessionable Oatmeal Pale ale utilizing Cascade as a single hop variety which imparts sweet floral citrus aromas of grapefruit and limes balanced with slight spicy pine notes on the palate. At 4.5% with a balanced crisp bitterness, this beer is a perfect companion for summer patio sessions, but then again, so is Neil!

Black pink

Black is the New Pink

Black IPA

For the fifth year in a row, a group descended on our brewery for 2019's Pink Boots Collaboration Day to brew our next beer for the Pink Boots Bursary.

This year we have brewed a Black IPA where the intense black color throws your Porter-like expectations off because youíre greeted with an intense and tasteful explosion of tropical fruit and a slight roast. Hops of Ahtanum and Simcoe contribute the citrus you taste, Ekuanot and Mosaic pack the tropical punch. Together in unison, you get a balanced, dry but full-bodied, strong black beer.

The Pink Boots Bursary is a fund that helps women enrolled in the Olds College Brewmaster & Brewery Operations Management Course and we are proud to offer our support. And, because youíre drinking this beer, youíre helping out too!


California Knows How to Party

Cali common ale

At Tool Shed Brewing we are all about keeping things interesting and fostering community. That's why you will find yourself constantly delighted to find new products on the shelves or in our taproom. Many of our special brews are inspired by local home-brewers and breweries we have come to love and respect from across our great country and beyond. There are just so many folks whose stories we want to know and whom we have been itching to collaborate with!

You could say we belong to the ultimate, if somewhat quirky, brewing family and the biggest beneficiary is YOU!!

Mito Power

Mito Power

beet beer

Evan Penny was a happy, healthy child who, at the age of four, suffered a tragic brain injury that left him a non-verbal quadriplegic as a result of mitochondrial disease (Mito). After Evan’s diagnosis, his parents Sarah and Blaine helped start the MitoCanada charity to raise awareness for the disease, provide support for families and fund research.

Mitochondria are the ‘batteries of our cells’ and are responsible for producing more than 90% of the energy we need to sustain life by converting the food we eat and oxygen we breathe into energy. For people who have Mito, it’s as though they have low battery power and affects the bodies most energy-intensive systems.

The Mito POWER beer is brewed with natural energy ingredients of beetroot, guava, and apricot. Help MitoCanada energize the fight against Mito by learning more about the disease at


To The Patio

Session Ale

Summer is finally here Alberta!
It's your time to enjoy backyard BBQ, music festivals, great outdoor shows and days that start with K. We all know summer won't be here long enough, so get out there and enjoy your patio season!
We're as much about stories as we are about beer and since we have already done lots of talking about manager Andi Kowalski's struggle with our patio, this summer it's your turn to tell us your stories! Tell us how you're enjoying the summer with friends and family using the hashtag #To The Patio.
Since you find yourself holding this can of delicious locally made beer, let us tell you a bit about it! We wanted to make a beer that is refreshing and lighter in alcohol, a beer that pairs well with hot summer days and nights. This session ale is lightly hopped with Idaho 7 hops for a fruity, not bitter, character.


Czechs & Balances

Czech Pilsner

Meet Ivo, our tremendously Czech financial wizard here at Tool Shed. Ivo's remarkable love for Czech beer is matched only by his love for spreadsheets and math. His cartoon-like, villainous glare earned him the nickname "Ivo Genius" but look again! That's just his "Resting Czech Face". HE'S ACTUALLY SMILING!!


To honour Ivo's heritage, we've approached this pilsner as seriously as Ivo approaches balancing the books. We've used a perfectly "Czech-matched" water profile, authentic decoction mashing techniques, pilsner malt, copious amounts of Saaz hops and three months of cold lagering. Hop-forward, herbal and crisp, it is a true Czech approved, beautifully balanced Pilsner. Na Zdravi!