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PASSION | 5.4%

PAssionFruit Blonde Ale

Tool Shed Brewery was built around our passion for great beer and great stories. To continue honouring that tradition, we present you with the story of one of our most passionate regulars, Scott!


Scott kicked off his stag party at Tool Shed a few years back and after being inspired by our brewery tour, his great pal Marlo snuck up to the bar and supported Tool Shed AND his buddy by purchasing a Beer for Life membership as a wedding gift for Scott. (Thank you, Marlo! WHAT A LEGEND!). Scott has been visiting our taproom regularly since, spreading his incredible level of passion for guitars and vinyls, badass clothes, great butcher shops and of course, Tool Shed Beer.


We are beyond grateful for passionate supporters like Scott, so this Passion Fruit Blonde Ale is for him. (See what we did there?) The beer itself is refreshing, light-bodied and low in bitterness with a beautiful tart passionfruit sensation. Brewed with Alberta Pilsner malt, Simcoe hops and real passionfruit, we hope you love drinking it as much as we loved brewing it.

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