Core Beers
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People Skills Cream Ale

This cream ale is influenced by a man who hates birthdays; so much so in fact, that he nearly caused an international incident over a birthday cake! Our friend Joe taught us that not everyone is born with People Skills so thankfully it now comes in a can. Everybody knows someone who could use a pint of people skills now and then; now you can buy them one.

Our session-able cream ale is light, refreshing and unlike Joe, who tries to get along with everybody. This smooth, lightly hopped ale offers a beautiful mouth-feel and a golden, crystal clear appearance. It's a real refreshing crowd-pleaser.

Patio-goers unite! Its time to hit your favorite patio and get to work on your People Skills!

Red Rage Amber Ale

This ale is inspired by the undocumented, freakish strength possessed by gingers (or at least by Graham). For those who are unaware of this phenomenon, red rage is, unofficially, the ONE thing Chuck Norris fears! Extreme outbursts of red rage can result in temporary memory loss which we like to refer to as "Ginger Induced Comas".

The beer itself is dark red, roasty life coffee, toasty like fresh bread and makes your mouth water for more. We put just enough hops in to remind you what they're capable of. This ale is medium-bodied and easy to drink. Alberta Gingers Unite! It's time to KICK BACK!

Star Cheek

Star Cheek IPA

Some people get cranky when they drink, some get all emotional and huggy, others climb buildings naked... In Jeff's case, he gets really flushed, exposing a perfect white star on his right cheek! His parents can't explain it, and we have yet to wish upon it, but it's absolutely hilarious watching Star Cheek manifest itself after a few pints.

This India Pale Ale is hoppy, bold and citrusy, yet clean and crisp. Higher in alcohol yet still remarkably balanced. These hops don't smack you in the face, they tempt you to experience their complex profile. Hop-heads unite! Here's a local IPA to proudly call your own!

Flat Cap

Flat Cap Stout

Every once in awhile a LEGEND comes around and revolutionizes an industry. For craft beer canning that legend is Jamie Gordon! A home-brew shop owner who back in 1999 handbuilt a small manual canner for home brewers. The rest, as they say, is history! Jamie spent 16 years tirelessly devoted to traveling the globe to install, educate, and help every single craft brewery possible benefit from canning their craft beer. Tool Shed is one of those breweries and is honored to have called Jamie our friend! We love that Jamie taught his boys "Stop stealing my beer and learn how to brew it!!" so this stout is for Jamie!

In order to mirror that classy, GQ, flat cap wearin' style of Jamie, this stout is deeply roasted and rich with a surprising presence of hops and a beautiful, smooth, dry finish. If ever a stout were to rock a flat cap as Jamie did, this would be that beer!