How We started
What Happens when you take a hobby way too far…

Back in 2007 Graham Sherman met his buddy and Tool Shed co-founder Jeff while working on Government / Military IT infrastructure and satellite communication projects throughout Afghanistan. They connected over a love for taking their hobbies WAY too far and Tool Shed Brewing is the natural result of two good home brewing friends that took their favourite hobby further than most.

From its inception in Graham's back yard tool shed on a basic 5 gallon home-brew system, Tool Shed Brewing Company has always been destined for great things. Today Graham and the amazing team at Tool Shed bring an obsessive love for great craft beer and a high level of geekery to the craft of making it!

Everyone grew up being told to find something you love to do, and then find a way to make a career of it! Almost every home-brewer who's taken that first sip of their VERY OWN, home-brewed creation, has experienced that contemplative smirk break across their face as they enjoy their craft, all the while, fantasizing about quitting their job in favour of a lifetime of bringing great beer to like minded people.

As Tool Shed Brewing continues to grow we naturally continue to run into more like-minded people with the same passion and are building our brewery around these great folks at the core.